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Carolyn: Thanks for the link... I am interested in other flower traits in addition to attractiveness to bees. I examined many tomato flowers under high magnification this summer. I noticed other traits that might lead to higher cross pollination rates: For example extra long styles, or anther cones that are open instead of being tight against the style, etc.... I figure that those traits might also be valuable to me in developing promiscuously pollinating tomatoes. I am interested in increasing cross-pollination rates in tomatoes by any strategy or combination of strategies. I guess another way to phrase my search for germplasm is: "Are there any varieties of tomatoes that are highly susceptible to cross pollination?'

In my garden there are many species of bumblebees that visit tomato flowers. They are about the only pollinator that I see on tomato blossoms. I wouldn't mind cultivating other species of bees/wasps if they could become self-sustaining in my climate.
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