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I take all my extras to market from my own garden. Customers tend to want to know my favorites, and will buy based on that recommendation.

Almost everyone wants a red variety. Last year I sold a lot of Cosmonaut Volkov. This year I am going to grow a lot of Mat-Su Express, because it was my favorite red from last year, which is a statement that will sell a lot of plants.

My earliest sales at market are dwarf plants to container growers. I try to have one dwarf of each color that is my favorite. I like Mano, Sweet Sue, Tasmanian Chocolate, and Coastal Pride Orange. Fuzzy Wuzzy is another plant that will always sell, due to the unique look.

Some tomatoes have names that sell; others just have the misfortune of having names that are not as attractive to customers. Dancing with Smurfs and Gargamel are both good names. When people ask the difference, I tell them that they are both blue, but Gargamel is bigger

My customers tend to shun non-English names that are hard to pronounce. I am guilty of translating a few names to make them easier to pronounce and understand.
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