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this raspberry has no name. I bought a yellow one to try and it is the nicest red one I have ever grown. we are up to about a 30' row of them by just transplanting them. I plan to start another row of them as soon as I have enough. we had Carolines but they keeled over last year. they were looking really nice and as soon as they started ripening they withered and died. no idea what happened to them. maybe my husband oversprayed a spray on them? we usually spray calcium and maybe he had too much in the sprayer? we don't spray herbicides usually so I am thinking no drift from that. had a fire in March and had the entire fire dept in the back yard but I am positive that would have damaged them before Sept of last year if there was some run off of something. they were a great variety for us until then. I think it was something we did but no idea as to what.
we also have a short row of Autumn Bliss... they are showing the same issue as the Carolines but were a nice sized and tasting berry, too.
carolyn k
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