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Originally Posted by BigVanVader View Post
That is the way to do it. I just didn't have time to fool with it.
The only issue I have, wildlife. Lots of Deer, Rabbits, and Ground Hogs in these parts. Im in a rural area so...

If I do that, probably have too set up an electric fence or some kind of barrier. Which I have been contemplating anyways, for the regular crops that I grow. Last year the ground hogs got into one of the high tunnels to get to the bush beans.

I did see your pictures from last year, with the mums on the racks and such. Hey, if it works for you, thats what matters. Actually I like having stuff like that elevated. Easier on the ol' back. Lets be honest, none of us are getting younger. Im all for developing systems that require less physical labor. Most of us are small growers with little additional labor. Im a one person operation as my Wife works full time in Health Care. Our daughter is in HS and has a part time job. So.. that leaves me to man the fort.

Wouldnt be too bad of an idea to have some long benches, with the Mums right on top. Right at waist level.

Would be kinda expensive to setup, but would eventually pay for itself. Weed barrier certainly doesnt last for ever.

And that actually brings up an issue. For those of us in the South, it gets darn hot. Pots of flowers on a black surface, just seems like you would use a whole lot more water.
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