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Default Try using a biofungicide

In NJ last year, all my heirlooms were infected with something. All the leaves were turning yellow like crazy. Not gradual at all. Cemtral Jersey last year had too much rain and humidity which always causes some problems. This year when I planted my seeds I watered them with a biofungicide that promises to protect them for 3 months and help them take in more nutrients. So far, the plants are growing faster and healthier. I use one of those 3 tiered light gardens to start them. Everytime you transplant them to a bigger pot, you water again. Last time is when you put them in the soil. Right now because I have a small yard, I put them in bags but each year I replace one third to 1/2. This year I am thinking I might have to trash all the soil in the bags. Each bag is 1/3 potting soil,manure and regular jersey soil. I use 2 tall cages for each heirloom as they grow 6 feet at least. Problem is I love to try new varieties so the bags are only 1 foot apart!
I am trying the new dwarfs developed by Craig LeHoillier and sold by some site but they will go in bags in my part sun garden. Every year brings new surprises! I garden only with organic methods!:

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