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I have the T5 HO Sunblaster set up with the Nanotech reflector and I have 4 bulbs - I don’t find that it makes the room that warm and they are set up next to windows that get a lot of sun. I keep a fan on a few hours a day. The room stays cool as it requires a gas fireplace to increase the heat when it’s cold out. And we’ve had cool weather. 6 bulbs may generate more heat. I was tempted to add the LED strip light instead the 4th T5. They provide much more light and are much cooler. They are also more expensive, so I’m waiting to change over in the next couple of years.
I think the T5’s have the capability of growing plants to flowering - there are replacement bulbs for that from what I learned at the hydroponic store.
All to say, I love the t5 sunblaster system. Just wish I could raise it higher than 18”. And those LEd strip replacements look to be the future. My seedlings are very healthy - I have 39 4” pots currently under the lights. The additional 4th light has made a huge difference. I used 3 lights for a few years and wasn't happy - the plants were healthy, but I see a high difference with the 4th light. 6 might be too many.
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