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Originally Posted by jtjmartin View Post
Wow. Your garden looks great!

My tomatoes and squash are coming along at a good pace too.

I'm digging a few new beds this weekend for some extra squash this year and tomatoes next year. I'll post some pics if I get the time . . . but I sure do appreciate seeing yours!

Thanks for the comments
Would love to see some pics of how things are coming along for you.

Based on I think one pic I've seen of your A-Frames, it looks kind of shady in your garden area? Is that so?

Originally Posted by jtjmartin View Post
Oh, I've thought of getting one of those green greenhouses at the end of season before.

Have you ever had any problems with overheating? My wife and I work so someone is not always home - if a forecasted cloudy day turned sunny I wondered if my plants would be roasted?


It's really hard to keep a consistent temp. I don't have anything in there as a heat sink. That said, when it's 75+ and sunny, if it's closed or only the top vents open, it will hit 110-120F pretty quick.

I work from home 3 days a week, and go into the office the other 2. So far, I've not cooked anything - but that's really thanks to a SensorPush bluetooth thermometer I have sitting in there.

Unless raining, I open it all the way up around 7:30AM and close it around 7:30PM. Especially when going into the office. I just open it up as I'm leaving for work.

I just got it up in April, so I didn't have any experience during colder weather. We'll see how this fall/winter goes. I will try and post some updates around that time here.
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