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Originally Posted by roper2008 View Post
I started only a few plants of Ma-Zu, Hari, Tsakoniki, and I'm waiting for Pintung Long
to sprout.
Roper... This your first time trying those? I googled them and Ma-Zu is something else to see. Looks like the fruits are really long in the pic. I liked how Hari said it was sweet.

Which, by the way, those of you that have grown the green Asian varieties, do you happen to know do they ripen faster than say Black Beauty? Also, about how many fruits per plant? I'm trying to figure out about how many plants I will need to grow. I don't know if you can just freeze the eggplant alone, but it rough when you suddenly get an urge for eggplant Parmesan in the middle of winter and none is available at stores.
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