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Seems like a lot of time and work for so little savings. I buy the clips in bulk and use them over 4 or 5 years. The last time I got some 4 years ago they cost me less than 2 cents apiece. If you have friends that use the clips you can share the cost of buying them in bulk and divvy them up. I cannot reuse them anyway since a few months in our intense summer sun cause them to weaken too much. I tried reusing them one year and it was a disaster as so many of them broke causing loaded plants to fall and some were ruined right as they were starting to produce ripe fruits.

As to the twine a 9000 ft bale of square bale twine costs around fifteen dollars and lasts years even with me planting between 60 and 100 plus tomatoes each year.

I am certainly no spendthrift and save a lot of money by reusing my cypress mulch for years until it totally breaks down. I do spray it with a 10% bleach spray and that helps with disease prevention. The use of the mulch gives me the biggest savings through cutting my expensive city water bill.

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