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Originally Posted by bower View Post
Darren, it sounds like you got a great yield for small containers and terrible weather. And no ferts but the comfrey - it's great. You're obviously doing something right - I think regular feeding for plants in containers is the way to go, and maybe weekly is better than every two. I have a tendency to forget when I fed last, until I notice they stopped growing.
I couldn't see the picture. 1 lb 13 oz is huge!
There wasn't a picture.... I inserted a smilie thing on my iPad, rookie mistake

I found weekly feeding easy to remember, being in containers in a greenhouse meant I had to water them everyday anyway

Hopefully next year the weather will be more cooperative, I had 2 ARGG plants that have given me 4 ripe tomatoes, they have another 30 up ripe ones but I think it's just been too cool this year. The Cherry/Sungold plants are still going strong though
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