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I've just used 2x12's. Replaced about half of them over 15yrs. One or two a year is
not a big deal.
The fence posts are 4x4 treated. Beeswax/oil treated the bottom 2 feet.
Paint would be a mess i think. Moisture will quickly get in and start the peeling process
well ahead of wood rot.
I have a wooden boat....very high maintenance.

Beeswax 50/50 oil applied hot will penetrate nicely and harden forming a pretty good
water barrier.

My house is unfinished cedar built '62. My barn is painted and needs it again. Built by us 15yrs ago.

The whole point of my garden, as well as therapy, is fresh clean produce. Rather not count on anyones word as to what is safe. We were crop dusted on the school playground in the 60's with all sorts of chemicals thought safe.
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