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Originally Posted by carolyn137 View Post
Where was Bill offering them at SSE and I ask since I know him very well and I think he would be listing it in the SSE Annual Yearbook, which is different, Bill has no computer and doesn't want one,and I checked the 2017 Yearbook and he still is listing it.

Yes, Steve at Heritage seeds was offering it at one time,and yes,I was also sent some of those seeds, but I never gave them to my seed producer folks either,mainly b/c as Tania says below,some found it to be unstable genetically.

Did anyone do a search here at Tville to look for it since I seem to recall some did grow it out and offer their own opinions.

Here is Tania's page for it

Hope that helps,


Is that the annual yearbook rather than the exchange? It's not clear on the website that one has to request a variety from the yearbook rather than the exchange. Either way, it's listed on the website. I wasn't aware that they were separate entities.

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