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I'll need to do a side-by-side with the three and note any differences.

I do know the German White I grow goes by other names including German Extra-Hardy, Northern White, German Porcelain, and German Stiffneck. I purchased it from an Upstate NY garlic farmer who told me it was the most widely grown variety in the state.

Continental is more of a generic variety, and according to an article from Oregon State University, "Continental garlic may be purple striped or white, and includes many of the southern varieties." I purchased it because it was described as having "the largest cloves of any variety we grow," on Six Circles' website, and I was already paying for shipping, so why not! The heads are the size of Music or larger.

And Music has always been larger with fewer cloves than German White, which is why I would like to keep it as a variety. Hopefully the new seed stock proves itself going forward.

I'll let you know the results after I do the peel and taste tests.
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