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Those beans can take up a lot of real estate.Here they use a inexpensive fishing line diamond squared million foot x 6 ft highmesh.Vine dependent,long skinny greens,and or short stocky pods they train at 45 degrees,since the mesh opens as diamond?
As you know once they start reaching off they go.Some farmers on smaller lands make a simple horseshoe,2sides top ,minimal cross tieBrace.Enough for two pickers in the shade at arms length.A living hoop house if you will.Quite novel for a home,tuck some orchids underneath,red white tablecloth checkered,wine,honey(wife?) dogs for me nowadays.The idea is to filter as much sun to the vines.Straight up,plants knock out each other’s sun.And we know the move fast 3 ,4 inches a day.Key with the bags,couple 3 inches between then,no harbor for crud’s,moisture,those 4 footed little vermin’s.And that airflow/exchange.Keeps the boritis(the ever present lite white fuzz) that torments me down in 10 b.The hanging troughs are neat,keep them not on top of your delicates,the watering will compromise them underneath via watering.

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