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Originally Posted by kameronth View Post
I mix all my cherry size tomatoes together and put them in 1/2 pint boxes for $2 each. People like to see the mixed colors together. The customer picks what box they want and I dump them in a brown paper bag for them. Last week I sold out(about 24 1/2 pints) in 30 minutes.

My slicers are at $3 a lb and take about 3 hours to sell out. I have almost double the amount of tomatoes this week than last, so I may not sell out. Our market is small, only 15 or so vendors and I'm the only one that sells cherry tomatoes. A couple other people sell slicers at $3 a pound too.

The local news paper did a little piece about our market and took a photo of what was left of my cherry tomatoes last week.
Interesting. Are you growing these in a hot house? I am constantly amazed at the places people can successfully grow tomatoes. I know two (2) people who have lived in North Dakota (Fargo) and they told me the cold wind blew early and hard; and the winter lasted until May. Fairly hearty people, but said they needed 3/4 length parka w/ hood for short bursts outside. Nice selection, btw...

Guess what I'm trying to say above, I "figure" tomatoes would be a nice niche' crop in north Dakota w/o much competition. But having zero knowledge of ND tom production, sticking my neck out here; and possibly sounding dumb (which would not be the 1st time)...
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