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I live in Atlanta metro near Emory, and love to go to a small neighborhood organic farmers mkt on Sat am that has been there for years with the same vendors. Most offer CSAs. I see a lot of the same shoppers there every weekend. I know that at least a couple vendors sell to high end restaurants. Tomatoes sell from $4-6 lb depending on the week, type, and supply. They sell well. There are 4 produce and 2 of those sell eggs, one sells chicken. One sells beef pork and garlic, occas corn or squash. One sells mushrooms. The other vendors are coffee, bread and pastries, juice, fermented veggies, skin care, chocolate.

It is a simple, good start on my Sat am. Clientele that shop there live in the area and can afford the prices. Mostly people looking for fresh great tasting food and trying to eat healthy. I live maybe 4 miles away, but it is worth the trip. I always feel like I'm doing something good for myself.

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