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your photo looks exactly my my forkhook swiss chard.

there's a variety called bright lights that has all different colored stalks - salmon, orange, pink, white, red probably a few others. i'm sure google images would have pictures, so do seed catalogs.

i grew a variety called ruby red. the stalks were red and the leaves a very reddish green color but it was not tolerant to frost so i stopped growing it. i found that odd as swiss chard can grow well into late fall tho weak sun and very cold nights, freezing ground and cold days make for very slow growth in november. in a cold frame or greenhouse i'm sure it would do better.

fordhook laughs at 20F! it grows thru shallow snow and if you water it it takes 90 degree heat too! a very versatile plant. i pick my leaves no longer than 9-10" as they are tender, larger leaves are a bit tougher and stronger flavored.

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