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OK, here is my list that I'll have "traders" from (don't ask what happened to the T-Z peppers, they were with the peppers that my husband murdered). I have about 12 other varieties starting but they may be too tiny for this season, we'll see...

Amish Paste
Big Rainbow
Black Plum
Black Prince
Golden Jubilee
Green Pineapple
Grimes Moundsville
Jersey Devil
Lil Pink
Moon Yellow
Mortgage Buster
Orange Banana
Ox Heart
Polish Heart
Ponderosa Red
Principe Borghese
Purple Passion
San Marenio (name given as traded, diff from San Marz)
San Marzano
Sausage (Red)
Sub-Arctic Plenty

Let me know if you are very excited about anything you see above and I will be sure to set it aside for you. I have to count & make sure that I have enough...right now it's too much to juggle to try to count. I'm hoping this weekend.

I need some cherries, and I'm especially fond of bicolors and blacks and German Johnson Pink (which I have started late and hasn't come up yet).

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