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I started 36 peppers last Friday and 9 tonight. Some are old seed of generic Burpee bell seeds from 2011, so not counting on those. About a dozen OP seeds like Tolli's that weren't outstanding but don't want to waste. Yellow Marconi that didn't make it last year and Red Marconi.

Also an old Flavorburst packet, Giant Marconi Hybrid, Tricked You for Hybrids.
Will start a few container peppers for garden club ladies next month.

What I'm really excited about are two peppers from the farmers market One I have marked
bell and the other marconi. They were both gigantic last year in my garden. I bought them both starting to turn red. in late summer. I still have the original seed and now a few saved as well. I am assuming they are hybrids, so fingers crossed on the F3.

- Lisa

Will look towards this thread for next year.

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