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Steve, I just looked at your listings for the initial 9 dwarfs - well done! I think your descriptions are pretty much spot on....I, too, find Tasmanian Chocolate to be a tad less flavorful than the other larger fruited ones, but it is quite productive, and it was a bit hit at Tomatopalooza several years running - so different strokes for different folks!

One thing that we may need to do is to play around a bit with Summertime Gold - it should be a slightly but distinctly deeper yellow than Dwarf Mr Snow, which should be more on the ivory side - but of the nine releases, this is the only one that appears to be misbehaving a bit!

If/when you get feedback from your customers, please share it - either here, or through PM, or perhaps we should put a sticky link into the Dwarf area for you, Tania, other Tville member seed sellers to share the feedback.
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