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Originally Posted by barefootgardener View Post
brokenbar, I am trying Costoluto Genovese for the first time this year. I received 5 seeds in a trade..How is the productivity for this tom?..

I am also looking to make some sauce for fresh and to can...I will be growing other varieties as well, I Love Amish Paste..but I know I will eventually have to narrow everything down , finding one or two just for sauce..will save seeds for next year, so will have more to plant next year..
It (CG) has been very productive for me. The plants are Intermediate but only get about 5-6 foot tall and are easy to keep tied to the stake. Mine are always loaded top to bottom but I never actually counted how many I got off one plant (as anal as I am it is amazing I have not...) They come through the processer as a thick, cohesive sauce, barely any water and they cook down quickly. The taste is incredible but I am not kidding about eating -out-of-hand...they are just so-so fresh. 10 to 12 ounces and very fluted. They are also mid season for me here in Wyoming. I might add that when we get terrible wind, some of my plants can't hack it and will drop fruit...Costoluto Genovese never loses fruit, even kept them on during a hail storm we had. They also keep well if you have to pick and leave them setting on the counter for a few days. If I have one complaint, I wish they were three times the size!
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