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I added 4 more cages with the zip ties this past weekend !! The challenge was I had tomatoes in various stages of growing so putting the cages over them and securing was one is ever in sight when you need that third dog is no help during times like this !

But I was successful...I now have 8 cages up, 7 with zip ties and 1 with EB clamps. The EB clamps work great, but so do the ties. With the cost ...I am gong with zip ties.

We went through that horrible "Hurricaine" or whatever term they made up to call it about 3 weeks ago....80 mile an hour winds !! And all cages that were Zip tied did great !

I had some issues with my PVC trellis, but that was due to poorly tying the tomatos to the trellis, then wind/rain.

I am headed to more pea fence/zip ties for next year. I have 8 up now and 4 more could go up, but the tomatoes are too large to add the cages....

When I figure out how to post pictures, I will....

Also never got to add the plastidip to the edges of the cages---I do have a few battle scars but...I am being more careful each week to not bump into them...

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