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Originally Posted by baileyj View Post
The Plasitdip I found was at Lowes. I really need to get it on the edges before next year.

Hi Bailey, I got the plastidip done on all of my cages, I used a little white K-cup from my coffee machine and a craft stick to move the plastidip from the big container to the smaller one. It was the perfect size and I was able to do quite a few tips before I had to refill. I sealed the hole in the bottom of the K-cup with a piece of tape on the inside of the cup to keep the plastidip from coming out of the cup.

This was much better than my first try at just dipping right into the big container of plastidip. I knew that wasn't going to work because the dip was too low in the container and I couldn't get the points to reach into it deep enough.

I did 3 coats by waiting a couple of hours between coats and it looks great, I don't think it will come off anytime soon. Thanks for the tip, I really appreciate it.
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