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Originally Posted by bdank View Post
yeah, I thought it was pretty smart of me to think to use the staking system clamps like that. I told my husband to bow down to me as he is usully the one who thinks of these things.

It holds the cage on very tight too! I'm temped to sell the whole cage idea to earthbox .
The clamps are reasonably priced too. I got 4 of them for $5.

You will need to buy some bolts to get it to work. the ones that came with my earthbox staking system rim clamps are too short for this use. I'm using 4 10x24 1-3/4 inch bolts, along with the nuts that came with the clamps, per cage.

Also, I used these cage clips to put the two pea fences together. It came out way cheaper than the rope clamps that you use. I have to make 20 cages and that many rope clamps would be expensive.

Does anyone know if the EB cage clips will work on a non-EB box? Specifically, an 18-gallon tote?

Or is the zip-tie method just as effective?

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