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Been pondering a way to fix the protractor scale on the lathe.
It has a zero scale from 0 to 60 left or right the zero is fixed so it is at a 90 degree angle to the cross slide.
This is confusing and you have no reference point what so ever if you want to set the top slide protractor up to anything under 30 degrees as in relation to the zero being fixed to where the top slide is parallel to the cross slide.

I see a lot of people have their top slide set at 30 instead of 60 because of this when cutting threads.
They should be on 60 due to the way the protractor is set up.

What I have done here is pick something up I wasn't using, a degree wheel made to set up camshafts in engines.
The unique thing about this one is it has two sets of 0 top dead center and bottom dead center.
To the left or right of these marks they start out at 1 and go to 90 degrees.

To set this thing up I offset the protractor so I could see the same degree mark in two different places opposite of each other.
Then to get it as accurate as I could I set the dial indicator up so it read zero movement moving the cross slide.
It also made my readings 1 1/4 inch farther out which more or less magnifies my visual reading due to the indication of movement being more.
If I like this setup I will make a nice one out of steel that mounts differently and has smaller lines.
The pictuer shows it better than I can explain but I have 4 of everything.



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