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I worked through one of those frustrating tool design problems with my drill press today. This is a Craftsman tabletop drill press that I purchased a few months ago. I was drilling wood side bars for frames to go in my beehives by stacking 5 end bars up and drilling all of them at once. The problem was that the drill bit was correct for the top piece, but by the time it got to the bottom, it was 1/8 of an inch off.

I spent nearly 2 hours figuring out that the problem was the platform which is 1.25 degrees tilted with respect to the drill bit. That does not sound like much, but over the 3 inches the drill bit travels it adds up to 1/8 of an inch. How to fix it? The platform is not adjustable. I have not yet figured out if the drill head can be adjusted. I used my table saw to cut a wood slat that compensates for exactly 1.25 degrees and attached it to the vertical stop on the platform. It amounts to a jig for the drill press so it drills nice straight vertical holes.

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