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Originally Posted by loulac View Post
I quite agree an error of 1.25 degrees can't be neglected when you drill thick pieces. If the platform of the drill is correct you could ask for a better upper part, the warranty could work. I understand it's quite annoying to discover such shortcomings on a new tool.
By now your bees must have a nice provision of food to spend the coming winter in good conditions

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I have carried a machinist square and dial indicator to the store.
If I go to buy bolts I always carry thread pitch gauges and calipers because people get the metric and imperial mixed up all of the time.

On a side note I just ran a test on the lathe without going into great detail I made a test bar the last part was turning it between centers, the centers I use.
After running a foot or so I checked with a micrometer that measures to the 1/10 of a thousandth.
One end measured .950 and the other end measured .950.

The next thing is I was always wondering if I changed spindle speeds on the lathe while I was threading if it would put me out of time.
I have done it and never had a problem but just thought I was lucky.
No even with both spindle speed gears in neutral the spindle is always in mesh with the rest of the lathe it cant get out of time.
I should have checked this before but never thought about it unless I was in the middle of threading.

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