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Originally Posted by Fusion_power View Post
I pulled out the user manual and figured out how to adjust the drill head. It took about 10 minutes to fix. Worth, I used your trick with a bent shaft to verify it is correct! I will still use the jig, but I cut it to a properly flat wood piece. It gives me a nice backstop to hold the pieces I am drilling. It is a smaller version of screwing a piece of wood to the rip fence on a table saw.
I'm glad to hear this and have been waiting.

I use the sacrificial back plate when drilling it keeps the bit from drilling into the table and it works as a chip breaker so the holes are clean on both sides.

I dont recommend Harbor Freight many times but they sell a very good set of center drills 5 in a set.
I cant recommend these things enough for anyone that uses a drill press milling machine or lathe for putting starter holes where the need to be.
Rule of thumb is to only drill to about 2/3rds of the 60 degree shoulder on the bit.

They can also be used as a counter sink.

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