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Originally Posted by PhilaGardener View Post
I'd try to trace the wires from the panel and check the connections at each step along the circuit. Be aware of the dangers of working with electricity. Sometimes you will uncover important things that need attention or were done poorly that you can fix. Other times understanding that was done can be more complicated to unravel (particularly if there are inaccessible ★★★★★★★★ boxes), but you can at least be aware of the possible consequences. Switches that don't work properly, or wires that are not the correct polarity, are an indication that something needs to be addressed.
We went into the MDF room the other day and the lights were off and they wouldn't come on.
The young 20 year old whippersnapper working with us was looking in the breaker to find the breaker that was off.
What the %^$# are you doing stay out of that breaker panel.
I was looking for the breaker to turn back on.
YOU NEVER flip a breaker back on at a job site.
What if the electrician is working on the circuit and you kill him.

I know there are OSHA job site rules about lock out tag out but you just dont do it.
Later we saw the guy and we told him the lights were out in the MDF room.
He said he was working on the circuit and at that time he had wires in his hands.
It was his responsibility to lock and tag that breaker out but it still doesn't make it right to flip a breaker on if it isn't tagged out.

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