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When you say on it,do you mean the tails of previous cut wire.A most of our homes are wired in a continuous run of that ac current.A lot of homes enjoyed the top outlet as a standard,then incorporating the three way option for the wife’s favorite Mickey Mouse lamp,on the bottom,so when you hit the switch for lighting ,or fan,the milky mouse lights up,and if you don’t want it, a hammer or use the Hubble pull brass chain ( first invention by Hubble I think) Both worked for me,hated that lamp.Some lazy electricians and hardball electricians,could,would,should and can run a hot wire thru anything going up as the high rise travels skyward also.99 percent of the time they,as by common practice,and code must remove the whole line,out of the box,pulled out completely.That last percent got lucky like me when getting my first” charge” while those hardball union nuts laughed there butts off when me top hat went north,just kiddin.Thats why we follow the posts above,safety always.Or we just use a drywall screw gun,if it runs,hang drywall,if it frys,oops,84lumber it is.I do not miss those days.Yeah kinda
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