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To detect,shorts,when the meter reads below tha allowed or engineered ac for that device.zA motor will run real slow with a cord 200 foot long.Close to source runs like a champ.Resistance is a term used a lot.A 220 amp welder requires that,if not it will not work at is optimal use and performance.A meter will tell you what is getting there,and then through the process of eliminatin,you can pinpoint,you resistant,loose wire nut,a good bond will transmit e current mo better than just wrapping a wire around those set screws and not clamping.The worst encounter I have had was a drywall screw too long go through a metal
L stud then embed itself into a Romex non shielded .The 110 lights would dim at switching.Run a device at that location,it dims.The metal studs received enough current to dissapate the current energy value.Or fly Worth and I in,we will sort it out,need good money. Flight limo girlies done in two weeks,hotel included.ok
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