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Originally Posted by clkeiper View Post
Imp... It wasn't. He didn't return them. The deer ate them. He didn't feel it was the right thing to do so he took the loss.
Exactly, I took the loss and didn't feel it was moral or honest to get a refund or another tree.

I have a 1/2 drive craftsman ratchet I broke by putting a cheater bar on it.
I could get a new one to replace it free but I feel it is morally wrong and deceptive.
As far as my moral ethics I feel I am always either defending myself or I have to just not say anything in reply.
I am a good person and have a big heart but not without sin.
And I almost never attack anyone here unless it is to defend someone.
What saith you my lord that rests almighty on the highest throne of morality.
Are you without sin or corruption or are you a sinner among us?


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