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Originally Posted by Nan_PA_6b View Post
I think you can warrant that a tomato plant is healthy when it leaves your store, but not after that. There is no guarantee with tomato plants. Their neighbor might be spraying weed killer, or the hornworms might be bad, or the blight might hit, or they might just be idiots who don't give it the minimum care. No sense in trying to be responsible for that.

When people buy stuff we call it "going out the back door." In other words... death sentence.
Most people do not pay attention, and you cannot train them, teach them, or guide them.
I have seen the most hilarious examples. I had a lady bring back some dead shrubs, I mean dead. I listened to her persuasive speech, then asked if she watered them. She said, " I sure did." I then pulled a plant from the container and poofs of dust came out. I could see the fresh water line on the pro mix, which is hydro phobic when bone dry, and how it channeled down a line right through the bottom. I do not reward liars, but will help a novice who made a mistake. In short, I use a case by case return clause.
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