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I over-wintered two jalapenoes (a chichimeca and a TAM) and one super-hot. They both did really well, and are back in the garden, but still in their pots.

I have a good friend who I associate with a good bit in our fields of work. He eats jalapenoes like I eat tomatoes (in the winter, a half gallon of the pickled jalapenoes lasts his family less than a month.) I called him today to disucss something work-related, and he told me that he was leaving the co-op and they didn't have any jalapenoes (people are making a run on plants around here, apparently for their "victory" gardens.) I told him I had a few left that I'd started from seed, and he was welcome to them. I dropped them at the back door of his office this afternoon.

I realized this evening that the seedling peppers I've planted out are more than I'll need this summer, and that those over-wintered plants belong in my friend's garden. I plan to drop them at his mailbox tomorrow.
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