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Onions as I think you know require a certain amount of daylight to bulb up.
They bolt after about the 6th leaf if they are going to bolt.
Heat is your enemy.
The bulbs can form on top of the soil so they dont have to be planted deep.
You can manipulate the plants with day length.
Long day length onions in the south will just keep putting on leaves until the heat gets to them.
If there was anymore of a plant that was more perplexing to grow than the onion in the garden I wouldn't know what it was.
There is so much you can do as a grower to make that onion grow and taste the way you want to.
There are also a lot of wives tails that simply are not true about growing onions.
One is cutting the tops off to make bigger bulbs.
Not true, the tops provide energy for the bulb and cutting tops off or breaking over just stops all growing of the bulb.
Or at least I think it does.
When I plant onions 'which I haven't in a while, just enough of the roots go in the soil to hold them up.
That is how you get those nice round onions.

I love onions.
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