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Thank you both. I considered pushing it this early because I've had some people try convincing me that technically we should be able to grow tomatoes almost year round where I live. SeniorTomate: hope you are enjoying this nice weather we have right now

Meantime I looked over my notes and the times I presented in the first post are actually wrong, I don't know if that will change anything, I may do what I did in 2020 again:
2020: seeds planted 3/30, hardened off 4/28, 4" pots 5/8, buckets/ground 6/2, first tomato ripened 8/11
2021: I really should forget anything about this year, I didn't mention all the trouble with seed germination, I thought I started 2/21, but had to resow several times through to 3/20. Some of the ones planted 2/21 germinated 4 weeks later, too, it was a mess. All seedlings appeared super healthy, then once transplanted to final pot/ground, within a some weeks were dead or on the road to death from some disease (can't tell what sadly). We picked up hybrid seedlings from the nursery, and then shortly after they began producing fruit, began to show a similar disease despite my efforts to keep isolation and sanitary practices. We had tomatoes from the buckets, but they were mediocre.

The trouble with the 2020 planting: no tomatoes until august. Would be nice to get some in July. KarenO, I like the idea of maybe starting a few now and then more later, maybe I will sow some of the smaller ones and just see what happens.
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