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I recently ordered from J&L's ebay page. The seeds came quickly and I have two Citrus Garden tomato seedlings (out of 3 planted) growing under lights now. So I'm sure their regular page is active.

As for recommendations from the J&L site, I've grown Sart Roloise (or Sart Rolaise) and Cosmonaut Volkov with good results. Both of those are excellent. I tried growing Heart of Ashkhabad but the plant had problems and I didn't get anything from it. I'd given a seedling to someone else, though, and he raved about how terrific it was. So I'm trying it again this year. I'm also trying Marina's Praise and Citrus Garden this year. And I've had Longhorn and Wonder of the World recommended to me. I'm going to try those some year, but I'm running out of space for this year.
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