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Have you thought of a Salsa mix, Spaghetti Mix, etc?

I bought half dead mixed theme herb pots from Chef Jeff for a quarter end of season, manly for the pots. Regular retail was $5.99. A few not only came back, but had set seed and regrew. I have them in a sunny window, no fertilizer, lots of neglect. They are in the background of a photo in an overwintering pepper thread. I will try and find it.

The pot I have at home is Mexican : oregano, thyme, cilantro. I have another that had a single dill in the center but I can't remember the companions. There must be an Italian too.
I overwintered their curly parsley pot, which had 3 plants in it. Whatever potting medium they used is a bear to keep from drying out. Probably why they were a quarter.

Herbs are quite the money maker and hard to find. I liked that Chef Jeff had mixed pots and also a lesser amount of a single popular herb. The pea pot is a cute idea too.
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