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I love this idea. The mum pots should be plenty deep for bigger rooted stuff like kale, arugula, cilantro, parsely, dill. The shallower rooted stuff like lettuce, basil (?) can fit in as companions around the deep ones. You can definitely come off with a beautiful bouquet effect too, why not.

Personally I would keep away from the woody perennials like rosemary, which IMO don't really like crowding and competition. Although you could always put the long lived woody one in the center, and then fill in with annuals that will eventually be removed. That might be a good sales tactic as well, if the woody perennials (rosemary, sage, thyme, savoury or hyssop) are in demand. (I haven't tried selling those but basil and cilantro were hot sellers, parsely too has appeal. Celery = couldn't sell it. ) OTOH the woody herbs also take a long time from seed, and are slower growing even from cuttings, so you would want to plan well ahead.
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