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Originally Posted by Tom Wagner View Post

If anyone wants to try potatoes from true seed (TPS) I might be able to help. Next year 2010 will be starting the sixth decade of working with potatoes and starting my own varieties.

If you want to help follow the genetics of the seed I send ....great! However many of you may just wish to try something other than tubers for a change.

One packet of TPS for $5.00. I'll cover the postage.. I am set up only for checks, money order, etc.

My potato seeds will produce plants like no other.
Each will be a unique experiment. My focus has been on all colors of potatoes with special flavors and attributes.

Call me, PM me, or post on the forum

Tater Mater Seeds
Tom Wagner
8407 18th Ave. West
Everett, Washington

Cell 425 894 1123
Excellent, Tom - thanks!

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