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Originally Posted by Raiquee View Post
Worth- Can't see if you already said or not, but what is the spacing between each leg? 3 foot? 4 foot?

Trying to draw these into my garden plan
Mine were warped and so on so I think it is around 6 feet let me go check.
Yes they are about 6 feet.

Mathematically it should be 8 all the way around.

If you make 30 degree cuts on each side this will make the angle 60 degrees.
With a 60 degrees the bottom sides should equal the length of the poles you use.

I think.
But I just tossed the saw over to a quick setting and didn't really get that accurate because all side were going to be the same anyway.
Nope checked that and it is dead on checked with a gauge.

Must be the warped boards.

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