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Originally Posted by creeker View Post
I have asked this same question on another thread but will ask again here: does anyone know if Met52 is effective against squash bugs? Also, could someone explain the difference between squash bugs and 'squash vine borers' as that is a new one to me.
I can't answer re: Met52 as I'm not very familiar with it. My impression is that it's not as thoroughly tested as some other biopesticides, and whether or not it harms beneficials is up in the air.

The difference between squash bugs and SVBs:

Squash bugs are true bugs that suck sap out of leaves and sometimes fruit.

Squash vine borers are the caterpillars of a red and black moth. They bore into the stems of squash plants and kill the vine by eating the inside of the stem. You often can't tell they're there until your squash plants wilt catastrophically overnight at which point, there's usually not much you can do to save them.
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