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No worries. That happens to me all the time. After crafting a well thought out reply its gone in a second. I'll make sure to watch this thread and my questions will likely be answered over time.

The pro sod staples are a must, especially in tilled ground, for anything. My former growing partner used a plastic stake designed for use with the sunbelt fabric (it looked like an elongated ring pop!), and they were easily pulled up by the wind. I'm curious to see if the cardboard stays put with the staples. Maybe my pieces were too big. The wind came under them and took the cardboard off and whipped it all over the place, even with lots of landscape timber holding it down. That would be cool if it works. Weeds are a huge problem for me too and cardboard would be more likely to keep them from breaking through. Now for some rain and a long wait for spring sprouting.

- Lisa
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