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Originally Posted by nicky View Post
Beautiful job Remy! Gorgeous!

We are leaving late tonight for Niagara - can't wait for the party. I hope my tomatoes survive the journey (: I have to figure out what will ripen in a non-iced cooler over a couple of days & not turn to much. Next year's grow list may have to include "tomatoes that travel well in cars & hotels!"
Good luck with that Nicky. lol I think you need to pick just short of ripe....barely short...will help with the travelling.

At least you've got ones to bring. Almost all of mine have been eaten just as they've ripened by spawns of satan, aka squirrels and raccoons....grrrrrrrrr. Just when I figure I've got a great new large yard to garden in...I realise it comes with resident vermin that drive my little Ziggy nuts.

Have fun...and safe driving tonight!

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