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Lee--- were your infected plants significantly stunted or did some of them continue to grow? And flower?

I have a heart variety (in the row of an infection)- Reif Red Heart- whose top growth has been driving me nuts for a while, but it continues to grow well and has tons of flowers. The top of the plant is just SUPER wispy and small leaved as compared to the bottom leaves. . . some are upside down so I was hoping it was just stress. I've never grown an oxheart before so I'm not sure what is normal.

Here's the kicker though. . . two plants over I have a Goose Creek plant whose top leaves/stems keep curling down. . . but is growing okay (and goose creek can look like celery). . . BUT one of the tomatoes is growing pointed like a oxheart. It looks just like a giant perfect strawberry, actually.

Does this sound like what you experienced? Or can plants grow pointed because of weather?

Ugh. . . sorry to bug you. . . I'm torn! Super thank you in advance.
Heather S
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