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Well... very interesting.
Zipcode is right that most of the Persian Star have already divided and are not rounds. After groping my way through them all, I measured the tops - only the dozen with greens 2mm wide or less are rounds.
It also seems that there are fewer cloves than a regular size bulb of Persian Star - about half the number. So it looks like they're doing as the Music did last year.
So I will leave the rest of them to mature as big a cloves as they can. No worries since I still have lots and indeed the bigger ones are the ones I left. These will do as early snacks.

The opposite is true of the Bonavista Social Club garlic that were growing as multiple shoots in a 'nest'. Even the largest ones are all rounds with no divisions.

So now I'm wondering if this is by variety, or if it's because of growing multiples together. Maybe I'll dig up the "doubles" from my main garlic patch and see (or feel, rather, since I obviously can't see very well!) whether they are rounds or cloves.

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