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My update is also a long time in coming.

I had some trouble with germination of Pl3 05-63. I ended up with two plants that seem to be producing well. I don't as yet have ripe fruit but what is on the vines appear to be striped with heart shape.

Pl6 05-69 I have 5 plants with two ripe fruits at this point. My plant 1 is producing large bi-coloured fruit and plant 5 is producing large red.

I'm not quite sure how to describe taste but I'll give a try. Each of the fruits taste is distinct. The red has the traditional tomato taste before the sweet taste hits. The bi-coloured has a smoother sweet taste to it almost like Dr. Carolyn pink. We really like the taste of both fruits.

All the plants are loaded and we are just waiting for them to ripen.

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