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As far as your fraud example, what rate are they paying per sqft, and how big is your tunnel? As long as those two are calculated correctly, you should be good.
If you have a 2,500 sqft that you are proposing to build and the pay rate is $3/sqft, your payment should be $7,500. If they pay you $10,000, then that is incompetence beyond a level I can fathom for an NRCS field office. If so, the district coordinator AND state program manager should be fired, and the state conservationist would probably be transfered.
You just can't make that mistake and have made it to those levels of the organization.
If there would be a mistake, they can't make you pay that back. I know of some honest small mistakes that were made in the producer's favor and they could not ask for the money back. It is a binding contract that both parties sign, and the acres/sqft/linear feet as well as the payment rates are clearly layed out in the contract folder that both parties sign along with about 5 -10 other documents that clearly spell it all out. Once you are paid, the contract is satisfied. Actually, once you sign the contract, I don't think they can do anything, because both parties agreed to the terms.
I can't stress enough how much paperwork and documents go into the process to try and prevent any issues from causing the exact scenario we are talking about.
I will say that the planner still can screw the NRCS by neglecting to administer the plan correctly, or by falsifying the numbers he plugs into the system/plan/contract, but I wouldn't personlly sign a contract for a 3,000 sqft tunnel when I applied for a 2,500, if that was the case for example.

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