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Ok. Update time. Just seedlings right now, but my test seedlings for this year are getting bigger and are doing well.

The Solanum cheesmaniae ones show some variation, both in terms of antho stems vs. non-antho stems, but also in smell and what might be disease/bug susceptibility. Still all very interesting though. SC LA0422

There is one tall but more yellowish plant in the S. cheesmaniae batch. This is one of the two that lack antho coloring. This is also the one that smells slightly lemony. I'll be honest in saying that the slight lemony smell slightly bugs me. This is also the plant that is showing bug and/or disease susceptibility on the leaves (might be aphids). But this one is now showing early flowering in the 6th and maybe the 4th node.. so that's interesting. I'm more interested in the antho stem ones, but i wont kill it off. I'll keep watching it. Might be interesting. The others have leaves and smell similar to domestic tomatoes.

The Solanum galapagense have very interesting leaves. I really like them! Plus something interesting is that they have no smell! Not even traditional tomato leaf smell. So that's way cool! Very interesting. Excited for these. SG LA0317

A few S. habrochaites seedlings as well. And an early Wx5 plant trimmed bonzai style with 4 tomatoes already.

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