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Originally Posted by zendog View Post
So what do people think of fish? I agree it is a lovely plant, but I must say I was underwhelmed by the flavor when I grew them this year. They are relatively small (at least for me) and just didn't have a whole lot of depth of flavor. Am I missing something? Beautiful and a lovely preservations story, definitely, but flavor...

Of course we had a ton of rain this year which didn't help with some plants, but other peppers had a lot more flavor to me.
If last year was your first year growing them, I'd try them one more time. Rainfall last year was epic, as you know. My garden was almost a total bust.

I use Fish as a seasoning pepper - dried and ground - and typically part of a blend, like it is in Old Bay. Some folks also pickle it and use it like a Sport pepper on the famous Chicago style hot dog.
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